You can do it – homemade birthday cake ideas

Whatever age you are, it is always nice to know that someone has taken the time and effort to bake you a delicious birthday cake. Sure shop bought ones can be nice and without a doubt they’re convenient, but they do kill the joy of creating one yourself.

It’s not even like you need top notch baking skills to whip up a fluffy birthday cake that is seriously going to impress. With sponge mixes that just need an egg added to cakes that only require half a dozen ingredients, even a baking newbie can bake something that’s mouth-wateringly good. Throw on a bit of icing sugar and you’ll have one seriously happy birthday boy or girl. Here are some simple cake ideas that’ll have you wowing them.

Rainbow swirl cake

This is one of those kinds of cakes that looks fantastically complicated but it actually really simple to make and is certainly a show-stopper in terms of looks. Brightly coloured and appealing, this is actually a basic sponge recipe. Follow a simple recipe that suits your requirements (egg-free, glutn-free etc). When the batter is ready, simply divide it into 5 or 6 separate batches and colour each a different shade. Then splotch them in layers into the prepared baking tin (don’t stir together) and bake as required. When cool, cut in half, sandwich it back together with jam and then cover with white icing and some sprinkles for a great surprise when they cut into it. This also makes a wonderful tray bake idea.

Self-decorating cup cakes

Especially for a kids birthday party, this is a great way to avoid spending hours elaborately decorating a cake. Instead whip up a big batch of cupcakes using really cute cases of course, and then set them out plain to be decorating by the guests. Provide them with icing pens, small sweets, sprinkles, plain and chocolate icing, marshmallow fluff and whatever sweet treat that can be stuck to a cupcake. They’re going to love going to town to create their very own culinary masterpieces.

Tray cake

If you are catering in bulk then a tray bake cake is definitely the way forward and is really to customise. Again use a simple sponge recipe which you can adapt with things like chocolate, lemon, maltesers and more. Cover with spreadable icing and some sprinkles (what can we say, we’re fans), and serve in the tray. Completely yummy and so simply!

Keep things simple when it comes to birthday cake baking and you’re pretty much sure to succeed so give it a go.

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