Ahoy me hearties – pirate themed birthday parties

Forget sickly sweet princess parties and Pokémon parties with characters you’ve never even heard of, it’s time to take it back to an old-school style and throw a pirate party instead. Swashbuckling and just a bit more original, this is a great themed party idea for both girls and boys and one that they can really get into.

Pirate themed parties aren’t anything new but they have been out of vogue for a little while now and we want to see them make a comeback. There are so many great characters and it is so easy to customise food, games and decorations in your own home. We recommend this type of party from around ages 4-8.

The Invites

Shop online and you can easily get great pirate invites or for a more budget option you can always snoop around for free pirate invite templates that you can download and print out yourself. State that the kids should come in fancy pirate dress – this could be anything from captains to crocodiles to mermaids to first mates. But do make sure you have a spare hat or two or even a tea-towel that can easily be turned into last minute costumes.

The Decorations & Trimmings

Again you can easily find loads of pirate decorations online, as well as free templates for making your own kind of décor – Pinterest has some great ideas for example. As for the plates, cups and napkins, head to your local supermarket and check out what they’ve got on offer; they’ll be cheap and just what you need to throw a party without being left with endless washing up to do.

The Games

Games are so easy to twist to suit your theme and the kids are going to love them! Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, why not make it pin the eye-patch on the pirate? Play pass the parcel to sea shanties and of course you have to plan out a treasure hunt. If the weather is good enough, plan it through the garden, if not do it through the downstairs of the house – they’ll have so much fun following the clues to find the buried treasure.

The Food

With a few creative labels you can easily theme your average party food without having to get seriously fancy. Cocktail sausages can be peg legs, chicken nuggets pieces of gold and even sandwiches can become scurvy seadogs. For the cake, make a tray bake like we were talking about here, cover it with icing and then use an icing pen to draw on it to make it resemble a pirate’s map with X marking the spot of course. Simple, tasty and ideal for the theme, they’re going to love it.

So start shivering me timbers, it be time for a pirate party!

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