Throwing the perfect surprise birthday bash

As we get older our excitement over birthdays tends to fade and many of us let it slide past without making much note of it. So that’s where surprise birthday parties step in to bridge that gap. This type of party brings back that childhood excitement and is such a wonderful way to show someone just how loved they really are.

There are though a few things you need to consider before you start planning that perfect birthday bash, namely would the person appreciate it? Some people really prefer to not make a big fuss for their birthday and if that’s the case then they’re going to appreciate like an intimate dinner with just a few close friends more. Most people though will love being treated to a surprise party so here are some of our top tips for throwing the perfect birthday bash.

Make sure they’re free

Do ensure that they’re actually going to be there to enjoy the party! Subtly check out their schedule to avoid clashing with a work conference or throwing it the night before a big meeting. There would be nothing worse than a no-show from the birthday boy or girl!

Enlist help

You can’t plan a surprise bash all by yourself so make sure you have a team of their friends and family involved. Many hands make light work, or so they say, so take as much help as you can get and you are much more certain of success. Food, decorations, gifts and of course the organisation will not only become easier, buy more fun too.

The venue

Although traditionally surprise parties are thrown at the person’s home this isn’t always convenient. For example maybe they’ve got flatmates that aren’t on-board with the idea or perhaps they live alone so you can’t get access to their house. This is no problem since you can always either hire a venue or use your own home or one of the other guest’s. Their favourite local pub or restaurant is a great solution too and it’ll be easy to trick them there on the ruse of ‘birthday drinks’.

Keeping mum

Social media is a double edged sword when it comes to planning a surprise party; of course contacting everyone is made super easy but there is also a higher chance that someone will slip up and share something they shouldn’t. Make sure the event is kept secret and set high security settings so that random invites won’t be going out.

Surprise birthday parties can be a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s birthday so why not consider throwing one for someone close on their next birthday – they’re going to love it!

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