Sophisticated & grown-up parties

There comes a time in your life when pirate parties are simply no longer going to cut the mustard, and you won’t want to spend your birthday night in some sweaty club. If that’s the case, then it’s time to start thinking about having a more sophisticated type of party where you can really enjoy the company of your nearest or dearest.

Whether it’s for a birthday or whether you simply enjoy hosting a party every once in a while, these elegant party ideas are going to have you wanting any excuse to get your friends over for a shindig.

Cheese and wine

Cheese and wine, wine and cheese, we’re pretty sure we don’t need to explain much more. If you’re a fan of these savoury delights then what could be nicer than indulging in them plus some great company and conversation of course. Splurge on a huge range of cheeses and some delectable wines as well as some crackers and perhaps a few other nibbles. Chances are you’ll end up with a fair amount of foodie gifts too with this type of party.

Cocktail Making

If you are fan of unusual cocktails as well as more typical ones like martinis and cosmos, then why not get a little merry with a cocktail making party? At a big supermarket you’ll be able to find everything you need like various cocktail glasses and tumblers, spirits, mixers, liqueurs, syrups, and even those little cocktail umbrellas that are an absolute necessity. Don’t think you have to go a little bit overboard though – virgin cocktails are just as delightful and don’t come with a price the next morning!

The Murder Mystery

If you’re a fan of your Agatha Christie stories and old school glamour, then why not consider throwing a real life murder mystery party? A bit like a real life game of Cluedo, a murder mystery kit will delegate each guest a role that they have to perform as you all ask questions and try to work out who done. A fun game for adults, you’ll love getting dressed up and into character. It was Colonel Mustard in the library with the knife…


Have a blast with your friends as you have a go at making your very own sushi! You can actually get in a professional to teach a group on you from the comfort of your own home or you can have a go at following online tutorials and the instructions from sushi kits. It’s something a bit more unusual to do together and is ideal if you’re a bit of a gourmand!

Sophisticated doesn’t have to mean boring as these fun party ideas prove. So think outside the box for your next party and plump for something that’s just a little bit more unusual and of course more memorable!

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